We take to the high seas today to put my Tutima Yachting Regatta watch (aka Steak Watch) to the test in an actual race. Franklyn's SOPMOD2 Hazard build from CountyComm.com is along for the adventure, as always. Support the channel here: Buy The Book: https://www.hobbyofhours.com Store: https://www.hobbyofhours.com/merch Support: https://www.hobbyofhours.com/support TRUSTED SUPPLIER FAMILY https://countycomm.com/ 10% discount code: HobbyOfHours https://countycomm.com/collections/watch-accessories/products/precision-watchmakers-tool-titanium https://www.twostitchstraps.com/ 10% discount code: HobbyOfHours https://www.haveston.com/ 5% discount code: HOHSUM5 https://secondtimearoundwatchco.com/ Email Jon or Leo for our discount code https://www.moyerfinejewelers.com/ Email Derek for your Hobby Of Hours discount https://www.sjrnationalrepaircenter.com/ #regatta #countycomm #tutima #review #miamivice #hobbyofhours
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