#yachtrace #bristolchannel #sailing #goosewing Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, Frostbite sailing series 2023 in the Bristol Channel - 5th of November, 2023. Local yacht club sailracing in the Bristol channel, Cardiff, South Wales 00:00 Introduction & course 01:55 Race start 03:00 'Goosewing' to 'Diffuser' 08:55 Mark 2- 'Sewer 1' 10:41 Mark 3- 'Mid Cardiff' 11:52 Mark 4- 'Outer Wrach' 13:20 Finish Line Today's course is around 12 miles long. Taking under 2 hours to complete. Start line is Penarth Yacht club to red ODM buoy 1st mark is 'Diffuser' buoy. 2nd mark is 'Sewer 1' 3rd mark is 'Mid Cardiff' 4th mark is 'Outer Wrach' Back through finish line at Penarth There are 6 of us onboard Yacht Bato today - Clare, Rachel, Kate, Rhona, Phil & Tonto helming @TTBB65 #Tonto #Travels #Bike n #Boat The 'Whitchurch Bikers' gave me the nickname 'Tonto' because I ride an 'Indian' motorcycle and they couldn't pronounce my real name - Gerwyn My 2 passions are riding bikes and sailing boats, hence the channel name 'Tonto Travels Bike n Boat' The aim of this channel is to share my bike rides - usually the scenic roads in Wales but, also trips in Europe and Sailing adventures - racing yachts in the Bristol Channel and cruising to scenic anchorages and marinas. GerwynTontoJones@gmail.com #cardiff #frostbite #sailingchannel #clubrace #sailingrace
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