Since 2005, I have had the opportunity to work on one of the most challenging projects: Sailing Regattas. I had to simultaneously photograph and coordinate my team (drone pilot/camera) in an extremely unstable rib that moves in all possible directions (those who know, know). Fatigue, cold or extreme heat, and accidents are spices that add to the entire experience that takes place inshore and offshore of the Black Sea. Every race brought immense challenges to me and my team, but the adrenaline was worth it all the time. Hope you enjoy this compact selection that spans over 8 years. Thanks for watching. Big thanks to all the clients who trusted our work (Set Sail Nautical School, Ascendis/Smart Experience Regatta, Corporate Regatta, and many more) Producer/Editor & Camera: Valeriu Cătălineanu / ThePerspective  Drone Pilots: Stanciu Bogdan / Yanosh Buzhnitsa / Vlad Al-khalaileh Also, have a look at the selection of the best Reggatas moments across the years: #sailing #regatta #race #video #editing #reel #boat #cruiser #blacksea #marina #motiongraphics #theperspective #aerialfootage #aerialphotography
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