EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO START RACING OR IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS WITH THESE TIPS. We're going to be going through everything you need to know before you hit the race course. This is just the essentials - This video is indexed so you can skip ahead to the sections that interest you. We'll be looking at: 00:00 - hello 00:26 - rules 05:08 - race course 09:36 - starting 16:43 - upwind leg 23:07 - windward mark 25:22 - downwind leg 29:37 - leeward mark Basic racing rules: - Avoiding collisions - spacial awareness and thinking ahead - Port and Starboard - Windward and Leeward - Overtaking boat - If you infringe a rule The Race Course: - Types of race course - Types of finish Starting Procedure - the start line and general aim - start timing and flags - strategy - if you're early Upwind Leg - why go which way? - general safe strategy - other boats - dirty wind Windward mark - best mark rounding Downwind Leg - basic Strategy - best approach for mark rounding - other boats Leeward Mark - water at the mark rule - best mark rounding ☞ Support Joyrider TV ⛵️Channel Membership https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1lH... ⛵️Patreon https://www.patreon.com/joseph_bennett ⛵️Getting a T-shirt or Hoodie https://totaljoyrider.com ☞ Buy stuff that I use ⛵️Sungod Sunglasses https://www.sungod.co/s/eR4VYYu3/ ⛵️Telemetry Overlay use code JOYRIDERTV for a sweet discount https://bit.ly/telemetryoverlay ⛵️Get perfect audio (waterproof) with Instamic https://instamic.io/?aff=119 ⛵️If you want shoes like mine https://xeroshoes.com/go/joyridertv ⛵️USA or Canada and need boat parts https://www.murrays.com/joyrider/ ⛵️The best tiller extension https://www.malcheskicomposites.com/shop-tiller-extensions ☞ Follow what's happening ⛵️for the full list of sailing instructional videos https://bit.ly/joyridertvideo ⛵️Subscribe to the newsletter https://totaljoyrider.com/pages/subscribe-to-newsletter ⛵️Join the conversation on Discord https://discord.gg/yNAV54uWc2 ⛵️Facebook https://www.facebook.com/totaljoyrider/ ⛵️Instagram https://www.instagram.com/totaljoyrider/ Joyrider TV is one of the best channels on YouTube for catamaran sailing tutorials, maintenance, Q+As and great small cat sailing content. Whether you sail a Hobie, Nacra, Aclass, acat, Prindle, Hurricane, Dart, Windrush, Tornado, Unicorn, F18, F16, Topcat, GETAWAY, Dragoon or even a Minicat, you'll find something here to help you. #catsailing #joyridertv
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