Show Notes | Passages From The Heart Podcast Ep 7 The Soul of Sailing, Racing, and Growing Up Sailing with Brian Nicholson What does the soul of sailing mean to you? In this episode, I sit down with my childhood sailing friend, Brian Nicholson, and we talk about how sailing has shaped our lives and what sailing means to us. From his earliest days of sailing solo on his Laser, to crewing aboard his family’s San Juan 24, and then later racing as an adult, on his own sailboat -- a Hobie Cat 16 -- Brian shares how sailing and boating, in general, have influenced not only his own life, but the lives of his wife and his children. Come join us as we rekindle the magic that happens out on the water and explore the soul of sailing! PLEASE NOTE: I typically always try to keep these podcasts rated ‘G,’ but please be aware that there are a couple of ‘expletives’ at 00:51:10 and 01:01:40! PLEASE BE KIND: I'm no expert -- I'm just a regular gal learning as I go! I don't have a huge budget dedicated to equipment and/or other resources for recording video and audio -- but, I put lots of love and time into creating these videos in the hopes that sharing what I learn might help you! Also, I live in a very rural area with poor Internet connectivity; as such, I have to travel an hour (each way!) to reach a reliable Internet connection in order to conduct these interviews. That said, the place I go for Internet access is a public location and, as a result, this episode does contain occasional background noise. My apologies for this. Did you know that I blog regularly about sailing and other life-happenings? Come raft up with Charm, Charisma, and me on our website,! 💜 Please consider supporting my journey with Charm and Charisma by subscribing to our YouTube channel and following our website! 💜 Thank you for listening! Fair winds! ~ xo Links: PHRF: San Juan 24 sailboat: Laser sailboat: MiniFish sailboat: Hobie Cat 16 sailboat: Y-Flyer sailboat: C-Scow sailboat: Flying Junior sailboat: Venture/MacGregor 22 sailboat: Shipman Accent 26 sailboat: Santana 20 sailboat: Lake of the Ozarks: Big Creek Lake: Rock Creek Lake: Rathbun Lake: Saylorville Lake: Lake Pepin: Lake Minnetonka: Music credits: *** Intro theme by Anthony Cuozzo of Double Down Sailing: / @quazzo ❤️ *** Music used for teaser intro in video is 'Pink Sunrise' by The Great North Sound Society.❤️ *** Music used for welcome sequence in video is 'Sunset Dream' by Cheel.❤️ *** Music used for outdo in video is 'Silver Waves' by TrackTribe.❤️ *** My original music, as well as covers, can be found at / @myukulelejourney
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