The results are clear. Riding the Mach 6 and HyperGlide 6 in 2023, the SEVERNE team won the following titles; PWA Mens Slalom World Champion, PWA Mens Vice World Champion, and PWA Womens Slalom World Champion. Tried and proven performance across all racing formats, the 024 SEVERNE race sail range is the next leap in materials and product design. Developed in collaboration with Matteo Iachino (I-140), Amado Vrieswijk (NB-20), Blanca Alabau (ESP-3), and Cedric Bordes, we proudly present our next-generation racing machines: / Mach 7_Pro Slalom (x) / Hyper 7_Foil Slalom (fka HyperGlide) Race to win.
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