In this video I detail the important developments from earlier in the week when the decision was made to pick a destination for our sailing adventure. We are ultimately headed for Inverness, Scotland. My ancestral home of the Clan Fraser. I have been feeling this pull my entire life and now is the time to get to Scotland the hard way, under the sails. We are also searching for people, food and amazing places to visit along our entire journey. Somewhere out there my forever person is looking for me too. If I keep going, we'll run into each other eventually. But before we can head south and then take a hard left, the journey is leading me and Vie Sauvage (French for Wild Life) out into the waters of the Straight of Georgia to learn to sail. This week I am learning from the pros as I crew on the 43' yacht, "SV Opus" during the last race of the Winter Series here at the Point Roberts Yacht Club. I did my best to capture what footage I could, but honestly I was there to work at learning to sail on a performance boat from professionals. The owner, Kevin, is a contract long-distance race navigator and has been racing sailboats for 40 years. He, along with the rest of the crew, gave me an absolute lesson in the art of getting the most performance from the wind on a sailboat. I've been asked to crew with them again in the upcoming Spring Series of yacht racing and am excited to keep getting better at sailing, in preparation for the long journey to Scotland. I can reassure you that this is the best way to get to learn to sail! Everyone has a vested interest in making sure you do your job well...and you aren't learning all of the jobs, just a couple key positions each time out until you can advance up the ranks. Vie Sauvage gets some upgrades in this episode as well. The compass binnacle is complete and the ratty old dodger hits the bin. I may sail long enough to regret that decision, but if you watch the video all of the way through, you'll likely agree with me on my reasoning for ditching it. 00:00 recap of the channel 01:41 This week's episode 02:18 The new purpose of the channel 06:34 New compass binnacle is finished 09:05 Gifts from the amazon wishlist 10:22 Taking the dodger off 13:30 Plans for the first destination sail! 15:20 First yacht race day! 19:30 The Journey has already started. Please check out the different ways to support the channel financially. Producing this content has been draining so every little bit helps to keep it viable. Become a member of our Patreon community or simply share the channel with friends and family...and don't forget to like and subscribe! Those things are free. Another way to help is to be sure to the let the videos play all of the way through, even the ads that pay the bills. Thanks! John
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