Meet Quantum’s Director of Sustainability, Lara Poljšak. At Quantum, we’re making efforts and changes across the board to reduce our environmental impact and reduce, reuse, and recycle. From the day-to-day aboard Quantum Racing to our EcoSeries sails to making our Lofts more energy efficient, Lara is taking Quantum’s commitment to the environment to the next level. Lara also sails with Quantum Racing in the TP52 Class and with Aleph in the RC44 Class. For more on Quantums’ green initiatives, visit Quantum is working towards being more sustainable and how you can participate. 🌱 Share with us on social, use the tag #SailGreen to show how you’re sailing green! 💚 __ Looking for new sails? Request a quote - Need your current sails serviced? Sail care services form - Fresh Quantum Sails merchandise - Find your local loft - Want more great content in your inbox? Sign up for our email newsletter - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Instagram - Tags: Quantum Sails, EcoSERIES, sustainability, recycle, reduce, reuse, solar power, yacht racing, sail design, racing, performance, boat racing, sailing, sail optimization, winning, championship, sailboat innovation, cruising, going green.
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