Sailing right of way rules are also called the COLREGs or IRPCS, short for International Regulations for preventing collisions at sea. These rules apply to all boats on the sea, and navigable water connected to the sea. The Racing Rules of Sailing are also commonly talked about amongst sailors, and apply when boats are racing. This video covers the basic sailing rules of the road, as they are sometimes called, focusing on sailing boats interacting with other sailing boats. The COLREGs and the RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing) are explained side by side, because they are very similar, but there are a few occasions where they differ, so it’s important to understand what to do. It is the responsibility of the skipper to check which rules are applicable for their location – for example, if you’re inland, you may fall under the US Inland Navigation rules or CEVNI in European inland waters. Port/Starboard Boom stickers: Waterproof camera ideas & how to mount them: Buy the COLREGs book: Buy the Racing Rules of Sailing guide: (As an Amazon Affiliate I earn commission on qualifying purchases) Chapters 0:00 sailing right of way rules 0:49 colregs 1:02 racing rules of sailing 1:15 port starboard rule 4:39 windward leeward sailing rules 6:32 racing overlap rules 8:20 racing rules overtaking 9:05 colreg overtaking 10:00 sailing crash upwind 11:21 windward leeward sailing rules 11:47 sailing racing rules downwind 12:46 sailing crash at mark
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