Whether you want to get into racing as an activity to enjoy with your family, or perhaps your competitive streak makes you look longingly at those boats leaving their berths on a Sunday morning to go and take part in some Club racing. Whatever the reason, racing your cruising yacht can be immensely exciting and create memories to last a lifetime, whilst at the same time also helping you to improve your boat handling skills. And though taking those first steps into racing your boat may seem daunting, this webinar recording is designed to answer all the questions you might have, giving you the confidence to make the leap. For this webinar, we are joined by Rob Gibson, author of the @RYA1875 book "Racing for Yachts & Keelboats" and principal at Poole Sailing https://www.poolesailing.co.uk/ To purchase Rob's book, please follow this link: https://www.rya.org.uk/shop/p/rya-racing-for-yachts-and-keelboats A full transcript of the webinar can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CPbRMzvI8CRLaOy16JMZoNZQZXeKr2Vd/view?usp=drive_link 00:00 // Introduction 01:38 // What should I race my cruising yacht? 02:54 // What types of yacht racing are there? 04:53 // How do I get involved in Yacht Racing? How do I start yacht racing? 05:57 // What are the different types of yacht racing handicap? 09:14 // Are there different costs to different handicap rating systems? 10:23 // Can I race any kind of boat? 12:39 // Are yacht clubs scary places? 14:04 // How do you enter a yacht race? 14:25 // How do you enter Round the Island Race? 15:51 // What is a pursuit yacht race? 17:53 // How do I prepare my cruising yacht for yacht racing? 18:51 // Do I need to reduce weight on my boat before racing it? 19:21 // Should I empty my water tanks before going yacht racing? 19:25 // How much fuel do I need when I go yacht racing? 19:38 // What equipment do need on my boat to go yacht racing? 19:53 // Special regulations for yacht racing 21:32 // Does my boat insurance cover racing? 21:46 // Do I need special insurance for Round the Island Race? 22:20 // What sails do I need to take part in yacht racing? 23:12 // Do I need to use a spinnaker to race my yacht? 23:22 // What are white sail races? 24:53 // Do I need a full chart of the area to go yacht racing? 25:42 // How to get a crew for your racing yacht? 26:43 // How to position your crew when racing a cruising yacht 30:53 // What are the roles on a racing cruising yacht? 33:23 // What should you practise before doing a yacht race? 36:59 // What are yacht racing Sailing Instructions? 38:09 // What are some basic yacht racing courses? 38:11 // What is a windward leeward course in yacht racing? 40:38 // The start line of a yacht race 42:06 // What is the start sequence of a yacht race? 44:41 // When do i have to turn my engine off before a yacht race? 44:59 // What are the common flags flown from a yacht race committee boat? 47:26 // What are beginners start line tactics for yacht racing? 49:23 // What does having Clean Air mean when yacht racing? 54:00 // Tips for rounding a windward mark when yacht racing 56:03 // Tips for rounding the leeward mark when yacht racing 57:43 // Do I need to consider the tide when going yacht racing? 01:00:09 // Tips for approaching the finish line in a yacht race 01:04:50 // WHat is a protest in a yacht race? 01:06:57 // What pre race checks do i need to do before going yacht racing? 01:10:34 // What are some yacht racing etiquette tips? 01:13:45 // Should I fly my ensign when yacht racing? 01:15:22 // Tips on making your cruiser race more competitive 01:20:13 // Do I need a kicker to go yacht racing? 01:21:10 // Books about yacht racing 01:21:34 // What is Poole Sailing? 01:22:11 // What is PYRA Poole Yacht Racing Association?
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