🌊 Welcome aboard the Green Marine Volvo Ocean 65! Dive into the world of high-performance sailing with this remarkable vessel, building number 003, boasting an illustrious racing history and unmatched performance credentials. 🏁 Campaign Ready: Built and Refitted: Constructed in 2013 and refitted in 2022 by Royal Huysman and again in January 2023 in Badalona, this yacht is primed for action. Sail Inventory: Outfitted with top-tier sails for racing, including main, A4, MH0, J2, and J1 sails from 2023, plus two additional sets for diverse conditions. 🛥️ About: Racing Legacy: A veteran of The Ocean Race, securing notable positions in multiple editions, including second place in 2014-15 and third place in 2017-18. Under Team JaJo, it clinched second place in the Ocean Race 2023. Recent Refits: Extensively overhauled in 2022 and upgraded in December 2023 and January 2023, featuring a refreshed hull, deck, cockpit amenities, and upgraded systems. Recent Upgrades: Enhanced electronics, hydraulics, and deck gear ensure peak performance. Rigorous NDT testing ensures structural integrity. Thorough Maintenance: Regular service by official suppliers guarantees reliability and safety, with renewed plumbing, pumps, and wiring. Sail Inventory: Includes a brand new A4 sail, offering versatility for racing conditions. SALES PAGE : https://marcusyachting.com/yachts-for-sale/green-marine-u-k-66ft-volvo-ocean-65-2024-yacht-for-sale-407832/ NEWS PAGE (NEWLY ADDED IN MARKET) : https://marcusyachting.com/green-marine-volvo-ocean-65-motor-yacht-for-sale/ PHOTO GALLERY PAGE : https://marcusyachting.com/photos-of-green-marine-volvo-ocean-65-direct-delivery-in-netherlands/ WEBSITE : www.marcusyachting.com EMAIL : info@marcusyachting.com PHONE : +971 – 52 615 7655
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