Dive into the world of elite sailing with the CEO of Step One as we take you behind the scenes at one of the most exhilarating events in the sport - SailGP Sydney. Known for revolutionising the apparel industry, our CEO now sets his sights on the high-speed, high-tech world of SailGP, where innovation, sustainability, and teamwork sail at the forefront. 🌊 What’s Inside? Exclusive Access: Get up close with the awe-inspiring F50 catamarans, the stars of the SailGP. These boats are engineering masterpieces, designed for speed, agility, and performance. Our CEO explores what makes these boats the pinnacle of sailing technology and how they align with Step One’s vision of innovation and excellence. Inside Interviews: Hear directly from the athletes of the Australian and Canadian SailGP teams. What does it take to compete at the highest level of sail racing? How do teamwork and technology converge on the water? Discover the athletes' journeys, their roles, and the dynamics of racing at speeds of up to 100km an hour! Behind the Scenes: Step beyond the racecourse and into the heart of the action. We take you to the team bases, where strategy, preparation, and technology come together. See how teams analyse data, tweak performance, and strategise to harness the wind most efficiently.
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