Sounds of the harbour should be back on. Live video on Saturday 24/2/2024 on the world's most beautiful harbour from our camera in Balmain East looking west towards Barangaroo, Pyrmont and Anzac Bridge. Take in some of the landmarks of Sydney from the Barangaroo development to the Inner West and the historic power station. Along the way see the ferries, party boats, the aquarium as well as some serious motor yachts and iconic wharves. The top right image is a stream to the east towards the bridge with a fixed camera in an attempt to catch the dawn skies and then the sun as it rises above the harbour. Direct view of Barangaroo on the left to Anzac Bridge, the White Bay power station and White Bay Cruise Terminal on the right. We claim no ownership of any music played by passing boats captured on this stream, all rights belong to the copyright owner. We also need to keep our streams short so it is possible to edit our copyright infringements when greedy studios claim an infringement because a passing boat had music that is too loud. Sorry about the video. NBN are struggling with Malcolm Turnbull's sop to Rupert Murdoch and Foxtel with this coaxial broadband we are using in 2023. We're in Australia and have to survive on hybrid coaxial connections. Quite pathetic really. Follow us on instagram @sydney.harbour.bridge LIVE Cam: @Sydney Harbour Today
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