If the Secret to Sailing is Camera Action... well doesn't make sense to have a secondary figure working with the camera. No wonder when I launch a ship from the pier and it moves. The Camera is fixated under the pier and/or near the water with the camera angle 'low'. Sounds good anyway. No really... What if there were several boats in the water racing? Might be able to gain faster sailing speeds. I also wanted to point out that every time you hear the ship's horn blast I am turning the boat. Turning towards the other ship trying to parallel the coast. Good way to stall the ship is turning so I tried to do it while on the downside? ... I have to study the video again. I do know this, those were the only times I tried to turn the ship and parallel the coast... towards the end of the video it would seem I am paralleling the coast. Then again, wave action seems to turn the ship also. It wasn't that many turn attempts to actually turn the ship is what I am saying.
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