Remember, to help us continue, Subscribe, Share, Like and check "Bell". Highlights of what happened globally in the sport of sailing in the last 7 days. Last Sunday saw the start of the much awaited the ocean race in Alicante. The two fleets of crewed boats had a thundering exit from the Med on their way to the first stop in Cape Verde. This is the race report at the time of editing this show on January 18th. This is your weekly sailing highlights Show, The World on Water, January 20th, 2023. In this edition, we have the so called most competitive two forms of sailing in the world. The Larry Ellison funded Russell Coutts led SailGP in Singapore and the low level but highly competitive, locally sponsored, Sydney 18 footers. SailGP is a new phenomenon. Whilst the 18 footers pedigree goes back to the early 1900s. Here is last weekend Singapore race report and later in the show you will see the greatest eighteenths race on sparkling Sydney Harbour. The RORC transatlantic race concluded with Giovanni Soldini leading the pack into the finish in Grenada in his Multi 70 Maserati. Despite major problems during the passage, he still came in first to take the title. After picking up the silverware in Newport in 1983. Aussie John Bertrand has concentrated on the Etchells. Last week he won the Australian National Championships hosted by the Cruising Yacht Club in South Australia. 11th hour sailing team's navigator, Simon Fisher before The Ocean Race start described how to get out of the Med. It's good advice. We are producing regular original videos on the race and they are on our World on Water YouTube channel and our exclusive Boat Club TV Network, which is available to all yacht clubs anywhere in the world. Now, here's the problem. Last Sunday was one of the best ever days on Sydney Harbour and the 18 footers TV channel and their producers Sail Media, covered the two hour race in brilliant form. We tried to edit the race and we cut it to 20 minutes. Then it had to be reduced to eight to fit the show. The day was brilliant. The racing was hot. The weather was pumping north-easterly. All we can say is when you finish watching this, go to the 18 footers channel on YouTube and watch the Full Sail media coverage. It shows the sport at its best.
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