The final series begins tomorrow!🫡👊 The Bay of Palma lived up to its reputation for the third consecutive day, with wind speeds of around 11 knots. All classes were able to play the scheduled tests and close the Preliminary Series with full partials in their lockers. The Final Series begins tomorrow, with up to five scoring tests in each class. Pablo Garriga's Tenaz performed remarkably today, the only Spanish crew in the fleet, who won the first rac and enter the Final Series with two points. "This is my 36th Copa del Rey, so there's been a few of them. Yesterday we were joking, saying a bullet is coming closer, because as a team we are growing fast. And suddenly in the first race of following day we had it, so everyone was laughing about that and we're really happy." - Antonio Piris, tactician onboard ClubSwan 50 Tenaz. María Meseguer's Pez de Abril added a second and a first to finish qualifying in third position, one point behind Jerone Stubler's French ClubSwan 42, Raving Swan. "Obviously we started in bad position, we started 6th in the rankings today, we didn't have a great championship up until now. Today it was a very difficult day, but we managed to handle the difficult circumstances, and we ended up with a 2nd and a first, which puts us in third position in the championships." - María Meseguer, owner of ClubSwan 42, Pez de Abril. #ClubSwanRacing #SwanOneDesign #CopaReyMAPFRE 📸 ClubSwan Racing / Studio Borlenghi
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