#sailing, #sail racing, Knowing how apparent wind drives your yacht to sail faster and what effects other factors has on it is very important to know for effective sail trim and steering to maximize your speed on the water. MUSIC CREDIT Relaxing ballad by Alexander Nakarada site: https//Freepd.com licence: httpsss://creativecommons.org/public domain/zero/1.0/legal code VIDEO Created by InShot https://inshotapp.page.link/YTShare ABOUT US John and I (Yvonne) met in college when he was still in the Irish naval reserves "the Slua Marie" and I was sail and wind surf training with Glenanns sailing club. We married, had three sons, lived in America for a number of years before returning home to Ireland. John studied for his yachtmaster coastal and bought our boat "wave dancer" in 2007. It is a 32ft westerly fulmar in which we have adventured with our children to Isle of Man,Wales, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, the Atlantic coast of France and the Irish coastline between Waterford to Carlingford. Now John and I sail together for the last few years predominantly the east and south coast of Ireland but the summer of 2021 we finally made it around onto the west coast to explore Bantry Bay where my love of sailing began with Glenanns on Bere island in August 1992. SOCIAL MEDIA EMAIL; sy.wavedancer32@gmail.com FACEBOOK; fb.me/sy.wavedancer32 TWITTER; Sy.Wavedancer westerlyfulmar @Syfulmar
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