Foil - Racing: The Formula Foil event calendar for 2022 is adding even more high-quality racing opportunities for iFLY sailors around Europe. iFLY15 and iFLY Razzor PRO regatta sailing. More than a dozen events to race with the the iFLY: iFLY European Cup, Le Mailly, Geneva, August 30th - September 04th: race for the historic silver Cup // iFLY Summer Games, Lake Walchensee, Germany, June 22nd - 29th // Foiling Cup Sanguinet, France, April 15th-18th // Duc d''Albe, Hyères, September 13th-18th // Eurocat Carnac, April 29th-May1st // Open des Mulitcoques and Foiling Cup, Geneva Société Nautique, Geneva, May 7-8 and May 14-15 // Ronde om Texel, June 18th // Foiling Week, Garda, June 30th - July 03rd ... Check the full event calendar here for foiling sail racing: _____________________________ _____________________________ #PerformanceFoiling #FoilRacing
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