The storm arrives at midnight. We find ourselves crashing through waves sailing upwind, but we can't slow down, we have to reach shelter before the next southerly storm arrives and that one is serious. We are in a race against the weather, sailing offshore down the Mozambique channel to South Africa, just ahead of Cyclone season. We have been sailing around the world for over 5 years after setting off from England in 2016 on board our 37ft sail boat Florence. Join us as we share the highs and lows of travelling around the world by boat, Sailing offshore across the Oceans and exploring remote locations with our own little tiny house. Boat life out at sea on the ocean and off the grid. Support us on Patreon: You can also follow us via our blog at #Sailing #sailingaroundtheworld #OceanSailing #OffshoreSailing #Offshore #circumnavigation #SailingYachtFlorence #indianocean #yacht #Cyclone #storm Music in order as played: Incoming Storm - – Licenced Keep Walking - - Creative Commons – Attribution Creative Commons 4.0 license The Final Lap - – Licenced Inspiring Sky - – Licenced Free Radical - – Licenced The Balancing Act - – Licenced On the Wild Side - – Licenced Holding on to Hope - – Licenced
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