From sail racing in sea scouts during high school to building igloos to survive and dodging lightning storms on the plains of Wyoming, Theresa Walsh has chased bears in the High Sierras and lived to laugh at all her wild adventures. Theresa started teaching rock climbing in 1993 and is an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor. She is a former NOLS and Outward Bound instructor and has a B.A. in outdoor recreation. She has climbed in almost all of the western states and was a climbing guide for the Yosemite Mountaineering School. She has safely guided many groups to remote peaks despite less-than-ideal conditions, and her enthusiasm and positive outlook have always lifted the spirits of her companions. Theresa is a Certified Wilderness First Responder with Wilderness Medical Associates. Along with being a top female rock-climbing instructor in the Western United States, Theresa is into martial arts, mastering the ancient art of medicinal herbs, playing banjo in a bluegrass group, jewelry making and much more in the creative department. Please visit her website to learn more:
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