Since its inception in 2019, SailGP has fast become the pinnacle event in the sailing calendar – but this global racing league is more akin to Formula 1 on water than traditional sailboat racing, with athletes who resemble fighter pilots rather than the salt-soaked adventurers of the past. And the flying F50 catamarans raced by the world’s best sailors showcase one of the major modern breakthroughs in the sport of sailing – foiling technology. #SailGP #Shorts #RacingBoats The F50 is a one-design foiling catamaran used in the SailGP race series. The F50s are adapted from the AC50s used in the America's Cup, with modifications including new control systems and modular wingsails.[1] The F50s are one of the fastest racing classes in history, with a predicted top speed of 52.2 knots (96.6 km/h, 60 mph);[2] the current F50 speed record, achieved by the Great Britain SailGP team at the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix in 2021, stands at 51.1 knots (94.8 km/h, 58.9 mph). source:
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