2021 Pacific NW Offshore day 1 - Ilwaco running north along coast of Washington with spinnaker. This sailing video shows the pre-start, the race start, and the first glorious day of sailing complete with dolphins and whales. Sailboat is J105 Escape Artist from Portland. Dana, Eric, Trong, Everett, and your correspondent Peter Hallett had a very fast first leg of this offshore sailboat race, which runs from the mouth of the Columbia River (note the rollers as we cross the bar) along the western shore of Washington State, before turning east and sailing up the length of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. (that will come in a second video.) The race was formerly called the Oregon Offshore sailboat race, but since the host city switched to Ilwaco, we didn't begin the race in Oregon, thus the new name for this classic Pacific Northwest (PNW) offshore sailboat race. This was shot mostly with Sony 4K sportscam, while the best looking scenes are from my Google Pixel 4a, which is pretty amazing. The shot of whales near the end was shot on Everett's iPhone, which i am grateful for. It was an incredible race for a day, a night, a day, a night, and most of the next day June 10-12 2021. Thanks to Dana for the fun ride and organizational prowess to make this complicated trip so enjoyable.
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