Did you like the AC75 class used at the last America's Cup? Would you prefer innovation continues and creates a new class for the next cup? Since the 36th America's Cup ended speculation about the 37th America's Cup has been rife. With Ben Ainslie's Ineos as Challenger of Record it looks like we will be retaining the AC75 foiling monohull for at least one more cycle. ***** I NEED YOUR ADVICE! SHOULD WE RENAME THIS CHANNEL? LET ME KNOW YOUR NAME IDEAS. HERE ARE SOME OPTIONS --Sail TV --Sail Racing TV --The Sailing Racing channel --The Sail Racing channel --SRC --Sailing Tips & News --Sailing Network --Sail matrix --Sail Race Win --SRW --SailX --SailRace --Dinghy Racing TV --SailFX --Sailing Coach --Dinghy Coaching Online --Sail Smart --Starboard Racing --On course to win FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN IDEAS. THANKS FOR HELPING DECIDE THE FUTURE FOR THIS CHANNEL! 🙏 ► Dinghy Racing Tips: https://dinghyracingtips.com/ ► 1-1 Online Coaching: http://dinghycoaching.com/ ► Dinghy Sailing Q&A Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1404265476388994/ ► View My Online Course: https://onlinesailcoach.com/course SUBSCRIBE for regular sailing tips & news: http://bit.ly/2OXBkeS
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