In this video I am giving you guys a complete guide on how to rig the Severne NCX Free Race sail for proper performance, speed and stability. The NCX is one of Severne's most versatile sails that mimics a great portion of the full on race sails, like the Machs, using severe skin tension and a unique batten skeleton. It is the perfect sail for those who want to race, but who do not want to go over to the full-on racing sails and who prefer a camber-free sail. This is the sail that I used to learn how to race with, way back, before I went over to the mach range. In this video I am guiding you on how to fine-tune your NCX to get the most performance out of it, especially when using it for racing. In this video, I am covering the following topics: ~ Who should use the NCX ~ How to rig the NCX ~ How much downhaul is needed ~ How much outhaul is needed ~ Should you use an adjustable outhaul on the NCX? ~ How to widen the wind range ~ Setting the batten tension to get the best racing performance, utilising the severe skin tension properties of the NCX ~ Which boards are ideal for the NCX Also check out my other videos that relate to this content: ~ Slalom race sail rigging and fine-tuning: ~ My Severne Fox review: ~ How to rig for speed-sailing: Enjoy the video and Subscribe to my channel if you are finding it helpful and enjoying my videos! Also follow me on my other platforms: Keep the wind in your sails! Karo x #riggingsevernesails #severneNCX #freeracing #windsurftips #windsurfgearreviews #riggingtips #windsurfing #windsurfers #severnesails #slalomsailing #battentension #skintension #slalomracing #prowindsurftips
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